The government of Bangladesh sets the shortage of nurses as a national priority area for immediate intervention in the development of nursing services, and plans to produce more quality nurses to meet the population health care need in Bangladesh. In order to increase the production of nurses, a huge demand of more educated nurse teachers should be met to provide quality teaching in nursing education in both the public and private sector. In 2013, the Korea International Cooperation Agency collaborating with Yonsei University College of Nursing, a project management consultant (PMC), started a project entitled the “Establishment of National Institute of Advanced Nursing Education and Research”. The project aims to support the national initiative of the Bangladesh government to enhance the teaching capacity of nurse teachers in Bangladesh.
Currently, nurses worldwide who are interested in pursuing careers in education are being educated at the doctoral level. Postgraduate nursing education at master’s level is the educational core that allows nurses to start performing advanced roles in hospitals and communities, nursing schools, and other professional settings to promote the health of the population. However, postgraduate education has mostly remained inaccessible to the majority of nurses in developing countries. In Bangladesh, the demand for nursing faculty and nurse specialist to enhance the quantity and quality of nursing education and service continues to grow.
Therefore, the National Institute of Advanced Nursing Education and Research (NIANER) is glad to present its MSN program in the anticipation of making a contribution to the development of nursing by preparing an advanced nurse generalist as the most qualified candidate for education, nursing practice, and administrative positions in Bangladesh.
It is also important to express our heartfelt gratitude for all individuals, working groups, advisory committees, and organizations that showed sincere commitment in developing this curriculum and program. It was only through the countless efforts and shared contributions of such workforce that made this project take form.

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